Pediatric Care​

Birth is a traumatic experience for our little ones. Any number of issues can arise through the misalignment of the newborn spine, such as difficulty breastfeeding, asthma, colic, digestive issues, and some behavioral problems.

​Pediatric Chiropractic can improve functions to help the baby turn its head during feedings, optimize food digestion, and boost immune function. The benefits of chiropractic care will continue throughout a child’s development into adulthood. As a child grows the job of the chiropractor is to ensure proper alignment of the vertebrae, reducing stress on the spinal joints allowing for proper growth and ensures their nervous system is functioning at its full potential.

Correction of spinal misalignment in infants will reduce the risk of illness and other disorders common in infants that result from the trauma of birth. With the immune system operating at its peak, the baby will be stronger and healthier.